78 record dating

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78 record dating

These include popular, classical, country, folk and race music series; in fact the only series generally excluded generally are those for export, foreign‑language material and minor or limited‑run series.In the case of Victor, for example, the contains charts for approximately 19 popular and 17 Red Seal catalog series. The author says he does not want to get involved with the thousands of post‑war labels, although he does chart a small selection of those he considers important.Whilst it starts from scratch, it is equally applicable to those with some sort of 78 replay system.This is probably the most suitable point to say that electrical reproduction with good, modern equipment is infinitely superior to original 78rpm gramophones, whether electric or acoustic.This is because so many 78s were not recorded at exactly 78rpm: speeds of between 72 and 85 rpm are quite common, with a few higher or lower.Probably the cheapest option is a second-hand variable-speed Goldring-Lenco unit, one of the 'GL' series. They always benefit from some basic maintenance, which will include a new idler wheel.However, the upside is that such pressings can produce quite stunning results when reproduced on good, simple equipment.

The same is also pretty common on successful records issued in the year or two before Victor changed from the its "scroll" label design to its "circular" label design in 1937.

At the back are a variety of appendices, including an 18‑page guide to label designs (all text, no illustrations), comments on early electrical recordings, labels which leased matrices to other labels, discographical resources and an annotated bibliography.

The opens with ten pages of introductory text, and a six‑page thumbnail history of the recording industry in the U. The next 140 pages comprise the heart of the book, containing dating charts and explanatory text for hundreds of labels issued in these three countries between 19.

In 1986 CBS changed its sequencing by abandoning the four digits system and introducing a new, seven digit system.

Catalogue numbers now started with 65, followed by a four digit sequence and finishing with an added digit indicating the format.

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