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The Liberator is a novelty Vehicle delivered through Pegasus.

It typically spawns just outside Fort Zancudo after a delivery request.

Any GTA 5 fans trying to sign in to GTA Online are currently being greeted by a slew of error messsages.

Players hoping to try and get online are faced with the following alert on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC:"Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games service."Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later."Those looking to @Rockstar Support for help will all be given the same (not very helpful) message, which reads:"We are currently looking into this issue.

Please check here for updates: GTA Online fans are a little miffed with the DDo S attack from Poodlecorp.

One wrote: "Not gonna lie to you guys, I'm a little p***ed off right now due to the servers being down because of a group @Poodle Corp"While another said:"What did a bunch of gamers ever do to #Poodlecorp I dont think we ever did a thing.

The new update brings something fresh to the game and one that was featured in the Grand Theft Auto released back in 2004, San Andreas. Players will be able to control some of the things on the car through the in-game phone.

Hey guys, I was about to play GTA 5 on my jailbroken ps3. Since i know updating the game will disable my CFW I didnt do it.

I really want to play online but the only way I can play online is if i update my game.

Maybe you are confusing a game update with a System Update.

If it's asking for a System Update, you have 2 solutions: 1 install a 4.66 spoofer 2 install a 4.65 or 4.66 CFW If it's a game update, just update it. Maybe you are confusing a game update with a System Update.

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