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In Ms Jennings' experience, drug use is no more prevalent among sex workers than it is in the rest of the community.“The biggest drug of choice amongst sex workers is tobacco," she said.

Organisations such as SIN work to ensure sex workers feel safe to report crimes against them to the police.“All sex workers, just like anybody else in society, have a right to report crimes that are committed against them.”Though there is a small percentage of street-based sex workers, the majority operate out of houses in South Australia.

She was introduced to the illegal trade while studying a degree at an Adelaide university.“It was something that intrigued me, rather than it being a need to go out and find money,” Ms Jennings said.

She worked casually in a brothel for six months before setting up privately.

Although her practice was illegal, Ms Jennings’ business was registered with an ABN. After seven years as a sex worker she was introduced to the Sex Industry Network (SIN), a support network for people in the business, and now manages the organisation.“We are supported wholeheartedly by SA Health and by the government in general but obviously we are still operating in a criminalised environment and that is our major stumbling block.”In her time in the sex industry, Ms Jennings has seen just about every stereotype about the industry debunked.

From the days of free love and psychedelic rock, we now work, live and love in a completely different society.

More often than not their courage went unrewarded, and they’d emerge moments later, baffled and tense.

Their reappearance would not surprise me: the Darling Gardens toilet block is not, as far as some beats go, particularly well used.

Message boards, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter have become the new medium for sex workers in Adelaide to peddle their wares.

Under the Summary Offences Act 1953, the act of soliciting prostitution attracts a maximum penalty of 0, but those found to be living on the earnings from prostitution can be fined up to ,500 or jailed for six months as an additional offence.

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