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Innova, as one the top brands in Car Scanner industry, is known for its precise and solid items.With 15 years of work experience, exceedingly talented Innova specialists, based at their central command in California, secure the most astounding Innovation in their items.

Understanding why you check engine light is on is one thing. Innova OBD PC-Link uses an extensive knowledge database that, until now, only a professional technician would have access to.

With prices starting from 0 to 00 anyone buying scan tool needs to do some homework to find a tool that best meets their needs. First of all and foremost, the tool you purchase must support the vehicles you assume focusing on.

Although it's true that OBDII is a standard, there are five different types of hardware communications employed by OBDII vehicles.

One of the main features setting this code reader apart from cheaper models is the ability to read & clear ABS and SRS codes.

There is also an upgrade that lets you use the OBD1 feature… This tool can be used for both home or professional use.

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Some tools support all five and some are manufacturer specific.