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Walter and kanye still dating

And judging by what some people have accomplished, I think it's safe to say that it should be considered more of an advantage than a weakness.

I’m wearing sneakers by his former intern Raf Simons, hoping he’d understand the homage. People come to work here and find their voice, the same goes for Bernhard Willhelm. His graduate collection was incredibly controversial, something you have been known for yourself. My strong imagination really prevents me from being influenced. We prove that with creativity and belief, something is possible that can’t be purchased.You could say that there’s a certain creative flow going on here, but to really understand the underlying structure of this elite school for aspiring fashion designers there’s one man you need to speak to: the head of the fashion course, Walter van Beirendonck. Just four years after graduating I was asked to come back and teach. To be working with such young people, as a teacher, was like working on the same level. We decided that if we wanted success we had to work it out by ourselves. For us it’s most important that students have their own voices. Did you know he faked much of his portfolio when applying with you? But students still cry from time to time here, don’t they? Tears usually prove that there’s an acknowledgement, an understanding of something.In the heart of the Belgian fashion capital, we covered a range of topics, from The Antwerp Six to finding his students' voice. It was something I really didn’t want to be doing at first. Now I have some authority, but then it was just about sitting down with someone your own age and critiquing them. Can you immediately see if a student has a worthwhile vision? I see students from their third year on, so by that time they’re pretty developed. That’s why we traveled, first to London, afterwards to Japan and America. Some years you see that the students stick together, but sometimes they split up into smaller groups. Those magazine covers he 'styled' were actually faked. If I see a student’s work is not there, I demand more effort, research and work.

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Here are the most pressing: How long has Walt been gone?

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